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 New results and new Champion!
05.10.2008 03:43 | Anna

Huge congrats to Voo Doo's Lee and Tuula who got JK2 in tracking and got also the title FIN CH!

Groguard Bola Negra debuted in shows and became in her class 1.EXC and got reserv-CAC! Groguard Bendita at the same show 2.EXC, both with very good critic!

Puppy meeting was not a big success only 3 came but we had great time together! Thank you to all of you who were able to came, was nice to see you and Novas children!

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 New working results!
20.08.2008 16:56 | Anna

Voo Doo`s Lee got tracking title JK1 yesterday! Huge Congrats!!

Nova´s puppies will have a puppymeeting 20.9 in Hyvinkää. Some Groguard B puppies are coming to the show there and we´ll meet all together and go for an outing together after the show. Hope to see many of Nova´s pups playing together! And hopefully in a nice weather...

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 New results!
04.08.2008 19:03 | Anna

In Finnish Speciality Show this year was over 500 Belgian Shepherd dogs entered. Two of Nova's children participated: Voo Doo's Lee EXC. and Groguard Bendita 4th EXC. Congrats!

Voo Doo's Lee competed also first time tracking, this time only few points away in obedience from approved result and JK1.

Groguard Boreas has been x-rayed B/B hips and 0/0 elbows.

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 Health and show results
09.06.2008 22:05 | Anna

"Lola", Voo Doo's Lana has been x-rayed healthy in hips and elbows, her eyes were also examined clear from all hereditary diseases. Lola also was in shows twice and again with result Very Good.

"Fred", Voo Doo's Lee was in the same shows 2nd Excellent and 2nd Very Good.

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 More work results!
22.04.2008 18:57 | Anna

Nova's son Voo Doo's Lee "Fred" and Tuula Hietanen passed BH test a week ago!Congratulation Fred and Tuula!!

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