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KORAD BH Inova du Bâton Tiroir "Nova"

Born: 7.5.2001
(MultiCh Boetsch de Bruine Buck-Cleopatra Macy v Lana's Hof) 
Breeder: J. Stokla-Bakker, Netherlands
Owner: Anna Blommaert

:: Health ::
HD A/A, ED 0/0, Eyes clear -02/-04/-07
Scissors bite, Complete dentition, Seizure free
H: 60cm, L: 61cm, W:24kg
:: Character ::
Nova has a very nice character. She is self-confident, stabile and extremely friendly to other people and animals, but she can also sound and behave like a guard dog when she thinks it’s needed. She was character tested in Finland at the age of 2years and got 232p. out of 300p. Probably one of the highest scores any BSD girl has ever achieved in Finland. In Sweden she has also done her Mental Description (MH) with a good result. Now she even got a title KORAD after passed character test and exterior description in Sweden.
:: Working ::

I started to train Nova for ruin search when she was 9 months old. At the age of 10 months she passed the suitability test for search and rescue dogs in the ruins and one month later the basic test. At her 1year birthday she also passed the BH test. Nova was competing in lower class tracking and 3.class obedience in Sweden. She has also been trained for person-search and message-dog-sport where she can the basics.

In Canada Nova has started competing in Obedience, she already has 2 Qualifiying Scores from Novice Class, and we are now looking forward for her to get her CD soon. We also have plans entering her into tracking trials as that is her true favourite.

:: Shows ::

In shows Nova has been 3x BOB and got 3xCAC and a CACIB. She only needs to be upgraded to next level in tracking in Sweden to become Swedish Show Champion. In Finland her best result is Excellent in shows, and in Breed Speciality 2005 she was 2nd Exc in Working Class.

In Canada Nova has gained her first point towards Canadian Championate.

:: Descendants ::
Nova is the mother of Groguard A-puppy (-03), Voo Doo’s L-litter (-06) and Groguard B-litter (-07). Hopefully also to another Groguard litter in the future as she leaves very nice puppies especially in character but also in looks and health so far.

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